Shortly after I began working at a local dental office, the ONE Focus initiative kicked off. I really didn’t feel God had a strong presence in my workplace, although some people said that they went to church. Anyway, right away I knew who my ONE would be: a coworker named Trina.

I invited Trina to church occasionally, but I was not encouraged by her response at all. One time when I invited her to an Easter service, she replied, “Are you kidding me?” I understood her reluctance—that is a super crowded service.
I continued to pray after ONE Focus ended. God is so GOOD! Trina softened over the years, and now I know we are friends, and more importantly, we are sisters in Christ.

Trina’s mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with cancer, and after Trina’s husband spent some extended time with his mom, he came back a believer! Trina was so confused, feeling that she would instantly have to change. I had a chance to sit with her and tell her that the Holy Spirit had been pursuing her for some time. It was THE most precious moment as a believer to see her truly come to Christ.

After that she would come to work and tell me with fascination of stories in the Bible! Super COOL! She has come to church a couple of times with me, and they do want to find a church home. Now she doesn’t bite my head off if I say something about church. Instead, she wants to be a part of it!

On another note, my husband of three years, Brian, was Sherry’s ONE, another member of the church. Brian had been out of corporate fellowship for some time. Through Sherry, the Holy Spirit encouraged Brian to do just what he thought he would never do: go to the biggest church around!

Brian is such an awesome leader now; he is serving as a deacon, a Kid’s Hope mentor, at the thrift store once a month, and as a greeter, and he just has the biggest heart of a true servant.

God has blessed me so richly! I had given up on the thought of a husband to love me and my eighteen year old son, Cody, who is still at home. As God always does when you give it all to him, he gave me SO much more than I would have ever dreamed or imagined! Oh yes, that includes a precious daughter, Addison Grace, who is two years old. I even enjoy my work environment now because God is so present!

Thank you so much for letting me share my story. There is so much more detail of how God moved, but I tried to keep it short (ha). Blessings and thank you!

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