“As the pastor of a 175-year-old church, I was looking for something that would move personal evangelism to the top of the church’s priority. ONE Focus met my requirements and more. People are talking about their ‘ONE’ at church and in the community. We are on pace to baptize more than any time in my pastorate, and most of them were led to Christ by members of the church and not the staff. Use the material, follow the guidelines, and reap the harvest.”

Dr. Terry Bostick
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Oxford, AL

“ONE Focus is equipping people to engage ONE unchurched person by sharing the love of Jesus for one year. Should you do this? Absolutely! Anything that can help you reach people for the Lord Jesus Christ—you ought to be doing it. This is a non-confrontational, missional outreach. You don’t have to set out to share the gospel. It doesn’t have to be ‘one on one.’ You’re just developing a relationship and sharing the love of Jesus. Why wouldn’t you want to do this? Absolutely, be part of it. It’s do-able by everyone.”

Dr. Steve James
Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA

“In my twenty-one years as Director of Evangelism, I have seen only a few ministries that have impacted churches like ONE Focus. The concept is simple, Biblical, and transferable. It has the capability of changing the culture of the church.”

Dr. Wayne Jenkins, Director of Church Growth and Evangelism
Louisiana Baptist Convention

“Each week more and more introduce their friends and neighbors to me that are their ‘ONEs.’”

Waylon Bailey
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Covington, LA

“I want to endorse Scotty Sanders, Mike Walker, and ONE Focus. ONE Focus has allowed Summer Grove Baptist Church to rally around the Great Commission and to give each member a way to reach out to another unchurched individual. I would strongly suggest that you consider ONE Focus as you join me in praying for a Great Awakening.”

Dr. Rod Masteller
President, Louisiana Baptist Convention
Senior Pastor, Summer Grove Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA

“ONE Focus is something [you] should consider doing. Scotty Sanders and Mike Walker have developed this from the ground up. It helps [you] to focus like a laser in reaching people for Christ. I encourage you to take a look.”

Dr. David Uth
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Orlando, FL

“I am so excited about ONE Focus. In it, God has given us a very clear plan for evangelism. ONE Focus has moved our people out of their comfort zones to love and disciple their friends and to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Kevin Cottrell
Pastor of Missions/Evangelism, First Baptist Church Broken Arrow, OK

“ONE Focus allowed our whole church to get on the same page for an entire year.”

Mark Fenn
Mission Pastor, First West, West Monroe, LA

“ONE Focus inspires, equips, and encourages disciples to move from spectators to active participants in the Great Commission. Anchored in prayer and the power of God, this initiative has lifted the sights of our members and catalyzed new enthusiasm for outreach. ONE Focus has put legs on our vision to be a church without walls. Few things you ever do . . . will have the impact of ONE Focus!”

Art McNeese
Senior Pastor, BridgeWay Church, Copper Canyon, TX

“While the ONE Focus concept is simple, making it happen is not. ONE Focus provides us with all the tools we need to effectively share this simple vision . . . and see it become a reality.”

Philip Robertson
Senior Pastor, Philadelphia Baptist Church, Deville, LA

“The best aspect of ONE Focus is the simplicity of picking ‘ONE’ and placing an emphasis on reaching that ‘ONE,’ while still being sensitive and available for others as well. It’s not age specific, so all ages are able to participate in the Great Commission. Our ONE Focus launch resulted in 87 percent commitment from our church, but I did not have my own ONE until I got a call about a neighbor in the midst of a crisis. After meeting with this young man, I knew he was to be my ‘ONE.’ He called this week and is coming to church on Sunday.”

Bill Reid
Pastor, Calvary Baptist, Ruston, LA

“What an incredible year! Baptisms are up over a previous year’s high. We had 116 commitments of faith on the closing Sunday of ONE Focus. Thank you for your encouragement and continued desire to see the lost come to know Jesus as Savior.”

Greg Bath
Trinity Baptist, Lake Charles, LA

“People are praying each day for their ONE. Just recently I had a young teenage church member tell me, ‘I think my ONE is getting close to accepting Christ. God has already given me my next ONE!’”

John Mark Little
Senior Pastor, Victory Baptist, Monroe, LA

“ONE Focus is clearly a movement of God in our church. Ninety-eight percent of our attending members committed to ONE. Our members are praying and reaching out to their ONEs and God is providing opportunities. With the ONE Focus initiative and much prayer and commitment, we’ve had a tremendous response. Will you love one for a year?”

Cyle Clayton
Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist, Many, LA

“We saw the greatest improvements in children and youth departments with ONE Focus. Both departments doubled in size. Wednesday night attendance jumped as well. It’s great to see the church so involved in Kingdom work. We’ve had great results with baptisms, doubling our previous year.”

Dominick DiCarlo
Pastor, First Baptist Church Jena, LA

“Anything that can engage most or all of the church in evangelism has to be good. During ONE Focus we saw baptisms rise over 700 percent compared to the previous year’s report.”

Wayne Gray
Pastor, Ferriday Baptist Church, LA

“From the first time I heard Scotty Sanders share the vision of ONE Focus, I knew that it would change me and my ministry. After arriving at First Baptist Church of Mount Olive, I shared the vision of ONE Focus with my pastor and staff. From the time we made the commitment to go forward with ONE, momentum began building. This change in momentum began to be seen in increased Sunday School and worship attendance, more first-time and repeat visitors, renewed energy and enthusiasm in worship, decisions during the invitation time, and increased offerings. Commitment Sunday was more that we could ask or imagine. Ninety-eight percent of our attending members made a personal commitment to ONE Focus on Commitment Sunday. We have been more than pleased with the resources and personal coaching from Scotty Sanders, Mike Walker, and the ONE Focus team. I recommend ONE Focus to you and your church.”

Pastor Scott Harmon
Minister of Education, First Baptist Church, Mount Olive, AL

“Scotty has put together a new evangelism initiative called ONE Focus that has revolutionized many churches throughout Louisiana. Personal friends of mine have told me how great ONE Focus has been for the church. He wants to get it going in Texas and I told him I wanted to help.”

Jack Harris
Evangelism, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

“I was amazed at what God did during our Commitment Service for ONE Focus this past Sunday. How wonderful it is to see our church looking for a person they can influence for Jesus!”

E. Whit Holmes
Senior Pastor, Parkview Baptist, Monroe, LA

“ONE Focus has been absolutely worth it. We would do it again. Approximately 80 percent of our people have committed to reach one person for Christ. Our baptisms are up 140 percent over last year because of our people’s commitment to ONE Focus.”

Lamar Huffman
Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist, Sulphur, LA

“ONE Focus ignited our church. As a pastor I’ve never experienced the commitment our people now have to doing their parts in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”

Brad Marchman
Senior Pastor, Lawrence Drive Baptist Church, Macon, GA

“ONE Focus has kept our people focused on those that need to know Christ. We baptized nine times the number [we baptized] last year and the harvest isn’t over yet.”

Milton Wilson
Pastor, First Baptist Church, LeCompte, LA

“Lots of God things happening through ONE Focus—the numbers are very telling: New Members up 107%, Baptisms up 59%, Sunday School Attendance up 190 people, Worship Attendance up 32%.”

Dr. Chuck Pourciau
Senior Pastor, Broadmoor Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA

“We’re grateful to the Lord for his leading our church to partner with ONE Focus. There’s a renewed spirit of anticipation that permeates throughout our church family. We’re seeing people come to faith in Christ every week. We heartily recommend Scotty, Mike, and the rest of the Life Catalyst team.”

Ken Schroeder
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Mandeville, LA

“Scotty wants to call ONE Focus an initiative. He is right. ONE Focus encourages members to take the initiative to focus on someone who needs Christ. You can call it whatever you like, but it changes the culture of the church . . . It gives you a vision to rally around.”

Dr. Charles Wesley
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Jonesboro, LA