“Inspiring…insightful…and extremely helpful.  A book I would highly recommend every Christian to read.”

Dr. Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia
Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention

“I have had the privilege of knowing Scotty since 1996 as a personal friend. I have never worked with anyone who had a greater passion for fulfilling his call than Scotty.  His insight and knowledge of leadership amaze me.  He was intentional and missional in every moment I served with him.  The same passion he brought to work every day, he brings to ONE Focus Living.  I am certain you will enjoy his book, but far more important for Scotty is that you will be challenged to live intentionally for Jesus.”

Dr.  David Uth
Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Orlando, Florida

“The church desperately needs refocusing therapy—-not more focus groups, but missional refocusing. ONE Focus Living is what I’ve been waiting for–a charter and chart for refocusing life and church on what really matters.”

Dr. Leonard Sweet
Best-selling Author and Professor at Drew University and George Fox University

“The solution to the challenges we face as a nation and as a world is Jesus Christ.  Only He can transform us into the people we were created and destined to be by the One who made us.  Yes, people need information, but it is the power of Christ exhibited through the lives of His followers in everyday life that causes the world to sit up and take notice.  I am thankful for Scotty Sanders and his commitment to pushing us out of our comfort zones and into our neighborhoods and cities to share the love of Jesus.  ONE Focus Living will bless you, encourage you and challenge you to take seriously the call of Jesus to love and serve your world.”

Toby Slough
Senior Pastor, Cross Timbers Community Church Argyle, Texas

“Scotty Sanders has been successful in helping churches utilize resources, staff and congregation to their fullest potential. One of these tools is ONE Focus Living, a book written to inspire and encourage the reader to overcome their fears and insecurities of telling others about their faith in Jesus Christ. This book is not about religion but about RELATIONSHIP. ONE Focus Living is part of the ONE Focus Initiative that is storming into churches and setting people’s hearts on fire with the passion to reach others for Christ.”

Suellen Roberts
Founder & President, Christian Women in Media

“For too long most Christians have been content to sit on the sidelines rather than share their faith. ONE Focus Living gives each of us a plan to get in the game and be an impact player!”

Andrew Whitworth
Offensive Tackle, NFL Cincinnati Bengals

“We are called to love one another as Christ loves us, which is easy for our hearts to understand, but often a work-in-progress in our humanness. ONE Focus Living provides guidance on nurturing genuine, intimate interaction without superficiality or surface talk. As an actress who desires to inspire audiences through cinema, I am filled with the giddiest joy as I make lifelong friendships and share in the fruits of that friendship.”

Jenn Gotzon
Actress (“Frost/Nixon” “Doonby,” “God’s Country,” “Alone Yet Not Alone,” “Dragon Day”)

“This book will work! “ONE Focus Living” is a practical, doable resource for achieving a lifestyle of evangelism in and through one’s daily life because it focuses on doing ONE thing…..and that keeps it simple for The Swan!! Can you imagine an entire church family focusing on ONE thing…like evangelism? Well, get yourself a cup of java and enjoy! Your ability to do ONE thing well is about to take ‘focus’ in your life and church!!”

Dr. Dennis Swanberg
America’s Minister of Encouragement

“One Lord, one faith—reaching one person at a time! ONE Focus Living is an inspiring new book by Scotty Sanders designed to do just that!”

Dr. Frank Hoffmann
Louisiana State Representative