ONE Focus Living begins with the calling of all Christians to spread the Gospel in response to the Great Commission. We are all instructed to follow Christ’s example—to share the Good News and to demonstrate God’s love in our day to day lives. Once you are grounded in a growing, intimate relationship with Christ and are acting out his love—a living testimony!—then you are prepared to find your ONE. Subsequent chapters step through finding, approaching, serving, praying for, giving your testimony to, and eventually sharing the salvation message with, your ONE. ONE Focus Living concludes with stories and guidelines for celebration and discipleship, all leading into YOUR next chapter — the ongoing journey to reach the world by reaching ONE.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Send Out the Workers!
  • Chapter Two: An Unlikely One
  • Chapter Three: As You Go
  • Chapter Four: Out of the Boat
  • Chapter Five: Closer Than a Brother
  • Chapter Six: The Heart Connection
  • Chapter Seven: Storming the Gates
  • Chapter Eight: Salt and Light
  • Chapter Nine: By the Blood and the Word
  • Chapter Ten: The Greatest Gift
  • Chapter Eleven: Something to Celebrate
  • Chapter Twelve: Leaving a Legacy
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Next Chapter
  • List of Resources
  • Bibliography
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